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Why are Denmark, Norway and Sweden so different in terms of cohousing?

This question has led Bertil Egerö to search for explanations. In his paper Puzzling patterns of co-housing in Scandinavia (unpublished, 2014) he searches the roots of the differences in the wider spheres of national cultures, institutions and policies.


The paper Four Decades of Swedish Cohousing - What Chances of a Real Take-off

was written and presented by Bertil Egerö at a European conference in Tours, 12-13 March 2012. Egerö discusses the prospects of a wider acceptance of cohousing in Sweden against experiences gathered of the history of the Swedish cohousing movement and its achievements so far. He concludes by underlining the strength of constraints in politics, institutions and culture as impediments to a real take-off.

For further information about the conference, see where conference programme, participants and papers presented is found.